Montmorency Cherry Liqueur

Nero d.o.o. Mostar

Our cherry Marasca

Montmorency Cherry Liqueur is sweet liqueur which is produced from the cherry Maraska, grown in Herzegovina, and is the first Cherry Brandy made of cherry grown in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Because of climate conditions and soil composition on the territory of Herzegovina, the cherry Maraska has an extremely high quality and is very rich with an involatile aromatic substance which is basic precondition for the quality of the liqueur.

Montmorency Cherry Liqueur is made by method of maceration, but in the traditional way, so the fresh picked fruit of cherry Maraska are immersed in alcohol. The cherry Maraska fruit used for production of the Montmorency Cherry Liqueur is manually gathered, and during the gathering selection of fruit is performed, so green and damaged fruit is cast aside, what guarantee a high quality of in that way produced liqueur. After more than 40-45 days in alcohol, by pressing of cherries, alcoholised juice of the cherry Maraska is produced, and from which, by adding sugar and distillates, is produced the Montmorency Cherry Liqueur. Alcoholised cherry juice is not filtrated but is settled down by natural method, which intensify the taste of cherry in the liqueur and gives additional quality to taste and aroma. In the Montmorency Cherry Liqueur the taste of cherry Maraska is so intensive and sweet that it feels like eating fresh cherries. Montmorency Cherry Liqueur contains 27% vol. alcohol and is filled in glass bottles of 0,70L and in small bottle of 50ml, popularly called "unučić". For the USA market our Montmorency Cherry Liqueur is named Montmorency Cherry Liqueur and is filled in the same packaging with additional 50ml of liqueur in bottle cap in order to satisfy USA standards.