About Us

Nero d.o.o. Mostar

Inspired by great success of the cherry Maraska plantations in the Herzegovinian orchards, in 2005 we decided to make use of that nature’s gift and step into production of the first Montmorency Cherry Liqueur. Guided with wish to please our consumers, taking into consideration health in the first place, two years later we started with the production of Herzegovinian fruit syrups made by natural recipes. The company Nero is planning to expand assortment to production of fruit liqueur from walnuts and cranberry, natural juices, the cherry Maraska compote, as well as different jams.



We decided to build consumers confidence by nourishing natural cultivation at orchards, using natural materials, maintain cleaning of the machinery, and fulfilling the higher standards and accomplishing the top quality of the product. The company Nero d.o.o. places health and satisfaction of consumers in the first place.