Herzegovinian fruit syrup

Nero d.o.o. Mostar

Having in mind your health at the first place, we produced Herzegovinian fruit syrups from 100% natural concentrated fruit, without preservatives, but with the high percentage of fruit that exceeds the standards. Five flavours of the Herzegovinian fruit syrups are going to give you a delight crowned with taste of the cherry Maraska, apple, cranberry, orange and lemon.

Herzegovinian fruit syrups contain neither artificial colours and aromas nor preservatives, and their secret is in pasteurization at the temperature of 85°C. Herzegovinian fruit syrups are recommended to our consumers because they are natural and healthy


Cranberry fruit syrup

American Indians, where is the homeland of cranberry, long time ago used cranberry fruit protection of blood poisoning, and with the time number of other curative properties of small red fruit were discovered.

Cranberry is very rich with vitamin C, vitamin A, it contains potassium, bioflavonoid, hippuric acid, antociana and proantociana. Apart from help with elimination of bacteria in urinal tract, cranberry also helps with curing gingivitis, gastric ulcer and stomach cancer, and it is excellent for eyesight improvement.
Recent researches have shown that daily consummation of cranberry juice increases antioxidants level in plasma over incredible 120% what reduces risk cardiovascular diseases for 40%.