Herzegovinian fruit syrup

Nero d.o.o. Mostar

Having in mind your health at the first place, we produced Herzegovinian fruit syrups from 100% natural concentrated fruit, without preservatives, but with the high percentage of fruit that exceeds the standards. Five flavours of the Herzegovinian fruit syrups are going to give you a delight crowned with taste of the cherry Maraska, apple, cranberry, orange and lemon.

Herzegovinian fruit syrups contain neither artificial colours and aromas nor preservatives, and their secret is in pasteurization at the temperature of 85°C. Herzegovinian fruit syrups are recommended to our consumers because they are natural and healthy


Lemon fruit syrup

While the science was powerless, a great curative power of lemon was known. Along with vitamin C and calcium, that makes it extremely nutritive, vitamins A, B1, B2 and iron, manganese and copper make it necessary to our organism. Recent researches have shown existence of vitamin P in lemon, which helps efficiency of vitamin C and protects from viruses.
Vitamin C helps in building bone and muscle structure, and also accelerates iron absorbing from herbal sources. Lemon removes bacteria, refreshes, reduce body temperature and high pressure, strengthens nervous system, hearth and veins.
Uniquely refreshing, lemon juice removes harmful substances from our organism, calms headache and improves liver function.